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What do I value most in becoming a teacher?

Everyone has dreamed since their childhood to become someone valuable in the future. We call those dreams ambitions or targets in our lives. Those ambitions may differ due to many reasons. From birth until death, people gain so many experiences from what happens in their lives. Therefore, what we have become today reflects our life up to date.

I, Naduni from my childhood wanted to become a teacher. As every girl does, I wore my mother’s sarees and taught my toy bears thinking of them as my students. I imagined them behaving naughty in the class and hit them with the cane in my hand whenever they did something wrong. On the other hand, whenever they scored higher marks in a test, I asked others to give him a round of applause and I also drew a star in his book.

Even as a child, I had understood that a student must be valued and uplifted whenever he performs well. On the other hand, when a student does something wrong, he must be corrected by an adult. However, with time I understood that regardless of the student performing well or doing wrong, he should not be shouted at and should be taught about his actions in a calm and rational manner.

Therefore, I assume that being a teacher is not an easy task as others might think. We need to be able to empathize with students. We need to imagine or deeply understand what the students are feeling or what it’s like to be in their situation.

What I truly believe in my life is that if we do something good to someone without expecting anything back from them, it will come to us as a blessing in disguise. So, I think that rather than calling teaching a job, it is preferred to be identified as a service. If we can help someone to make his life a success, to make his dreams come true and to give hope to continue his work, it will become a blessing to us one day.

What I really appreciate about being a university lecturer is working with a young crowd who are in the age of deciding their future career and future life. I’m proud to think that I can help some youngsters to achieve their dreams and make their lives a success.

“Teaching is something that we can remind happily even in our death beds and it will help us to have a peaceful ending to our life”

Teacher as an Evaluator

In my school days, every time when a friend of mine got scolded, I thought that the teacher could have advised her in a nicer way without shouting like that. Students do not have an equal ability to gain knowledge, while some students understand the theories well, others may perform well in practising those theories.

As an example, I had two friends from school who did dancing as the aesthetic subject for O/Ls. One girl was a born dancer, and the other girl was an average performer in dancing. However, the born dancer couldn’t get a distinction for dancing in the exam, but the other girl got a distinction.

That same theory applies to my subject as well. Computer science or any IT related modules contain practical lessons as well as theoretical lessons. As teachers, we must identify that there might be students who have vast practical knowledge but lack knowledge in theories and vice versa.

Understanding the types of students based on their learning patterns would help us in making them correctly evaluated in exams and we can guide them to identify their weak areas by themselves. If students need extra support in understanding the subject, I would be happy to give them a hand as everyone learns at their own pace.

Teacher as a guiding star

Yes, of course, according to my perspective, the teacher is really a star. I am one proud star who is willing to guide my students to achieve their dreams. In my life, I learnt, self-learning is one of the greatest ways of understanding some theories rather than getting taught by a teacher in the classroom. Therefore, we need to provide proper guidance to students and motivate them to do self-learning as well.

As a university lecturer, I think guiding undergraduates to do research and to study previous work related to their subject areas would help them to enhance their knowledge extensively. And the other thing that I believe is rather than teaching the subject, a teacher should be a facilitator, a guide and a mentor.

Whenever students perform lower in examinations/tests, a teacher should be able to guide them to perform well in the future. As a teacher, I really want to guide my students to achieve the highest goal of their lives. I want to see them living their dreams one day. That should be the day, a teacher gets paid with the real value for their service.

Teacher as a Researcher

I really like doing research on my area of expertise. As a tech person, I want to explore novel solutions to modern problems. It is an interesting way of enhancing our knowledge. I want to share that experience with my students and motivate them to find novel theories and solutions to burning problems in the world. It will add value to their profile as well.

On the other hand, making them aware of the true value of their lives can really help to prevent them from doing unnecessary things in the university. Then nobody can motivate them to engage in unethical works.

“Deeper the knowledge, better the performance”

Teacher as a Learner

I have been taught in my childhood to be like Rahula Thero. Every morning, Rahula Thero took a hand full of sand and wished to have advice as same as the amount of sand in his hand. As a teacher, before I give some advice to my students, I really want to be an example of that. Because students may follow our steps as they respect us as teachers. Therefore, being open to feedback is one of the ways to improve our life as a teacher. Even though the feedback may not be necessarily true, I like to expect feedback from students and my fellow colleagues.

Moreover, we must accept that the world is evolving fast, and knowledge is getting enhanced rapidly. I wish that I would be able to learn from my students as well. Therefore, I want to organize some knowledge sharing sessions relevant to the subject with them. I want to make a knowledge pool by allowing everyone to share their knowledge and experience in a particular area regardless of their roles in the university.

As a teacher, I really care about my reputation. Therefore, everything that I am going to practice as a teacher should not be violated with my character. Because, if we need to work with students, firstly we must have an exemplary character.

“Learn from constructive criticism”

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